19 - 22 February 2018
Van der Valk Airporthotel , Düsseldorf, Germany

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Innovative Seating Agenda 2018

After twelve successful annual conferences with an exclusive focus on Innovative Seating, this edition of the 13th International Conference Innovative Seating 2018 is even more promising.

This year we bring you next generation innovative seating solutions to enhance quality of seating systems and comfort levels.

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Attendee List

Download the attendee list from the 2017 event to get an idea of the companies and job titles you'll meet this year

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The Automotive Seating Industry Riding into the Future

Seating suppliers have had to face cost-down pressures and the commoditization of their product in recent years. And like suppliers in other areas of the vehicle, they’ve responded with cost-saving innovations. Learn more with this exclusive report, written by Automotive IQ.

Download the full report here

Rethinking Car Seat Designs

According to the most recent PwC report, more than 40% of Millennials have used, and will continue to use car-sharing services; approx. two-thirds believe that self-driving cars are safer and are eagerly looking forward to the point when the technology becomes affordable.

Read the article and find out how the industry leaders such as Ford, Bentley and Johnson Controls envision car seat future advances.

5 Stories on Automotive Seating you might have missed

Read in this article the Top 5 Stories you might have missed on Automotive Seating


Adient's presentation on Innovative seating 2025 and beyond

Andreas Maashoff, Director Industrial Design & Craftsmanship, at Adient Ltd. & Co. KG, Germany, presented at last year's Innovative Seating conference on "Innovative seating 2025 and beyond". Read the presentation and find out more about technology and industry drivers as well as how autonomous driving is influencing the car interior.

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Sponsorship prospectus

Sponsorship Prospectus

In the advent of autonomous vehicles, EVs, and carsharing, the interior of the car becomes the biggest differentiator for automotive brands. Now in its 13th year, the longest running and most loyally attended event dedicated to Automotive Seating comes back to Düsseldorf on 19 – 22 February, 2018.